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3 Top Reasons Why Online Players Fail at Live Poker

I have been itching to play poker so I've been logging 10+ hours session over the past weeks.

I went back to a local casino and it definitely brought back some memories. I used to grind there before I played online poker long-term and it's good to be...

Crushing PLO

Overall, the sample videos that I’ve seen from the “Crushing PLO” video series are excellent.

In your video on Crushing 3-bet pots with initiative OOP, you identified some flops that were good candidates for c-betting because they hit your perceived range hard. As with the other videos I’ve seen, this one zeroed in...

Moving through the Stakes with Daily Variance

Here is the link to my Video Blog regarding Daily Variance


Interesting Live Poker Hand

I've been logging hours at a local casino to prepare my upcoming video series on how to crush live poker. Whoever that is telling you live poker is getting tougher is exaggerating. The games are still beatable and the best things is, the internet poker hotshots are having trouble adjusting without their HUDs.

Anyway, to the hand.


Hello Again All PLUS Trip Report: Abu Dhabi

I've been laying off the posting lately after the dramatic events of Black Friday. I don't want to rehash all of that - I just mean that it would have felt bad blogging when everyone in the US was suffering, either simply from the death of online poker in America or (even worse) from having money tied up on one of the affected sites. ...

Hello DV!

I am very excited to be a new addition to this website as your Editor in Chief for "The Inner Circle"! We have some great ideas and content in the works and every issue is only going to get better and better.

Some info about me is that I am 23 and currently living right outside Denver, CO in a city named Arvada. I graduated from...

one word: hate

Hey, what's up guys

This actually ended up being a long "rant" but keep reading for the solution to tilt problems.

Being doing a pro shot for 4 months after being playing for 3 years+
I haven't had 5 consecutive winning day in 5 months, and when I had 3-4 winning days, it was approximately half a buy in win, or sometimes...

I am ready for nl50, guys :)

its been a while i blog here and im sorry for that. i had a conversation w/ veinos. some strategytalks and how he got beat his ass in nl50 this kinda sucks because he running 2nd nuts vs nuts all the time. hope he can recover as soon as possible and pwn these monkeys ;)

so as the topic says, im regularly playing nl50 and the playerpool is ver...

Something sad happened yesterday night :(

Kendrick perkins is going to get ejected from the NBA because he got dunked on pretty bigtime^^


Beating a downswing or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the geometric distribution

Last month I took a shot at moving up. This entry will discuss my failed attempt and the brutal downswing that followed. Its meant as a letter to myself when I experience a future downswing but I hope others will like it too. After outlining what happened, I'll discuss my plan for getting through that period. Hopefully shedding light on why my...

Pushing your equity edge in position

Tell me if im wrong but the general theme is to play your draws and semi bluffing hands faster OOP than IP.

If you are IP with 2 overs, gutshot and a FD are you always looking to get it in when you are always going to have at least 50% equity? You can make worst flush draws get it in etc.

And what are the merits of just calling a players cbet...

Introduction and transitioning from turbo SNGs to cash

I've been playing online poker for around 4 years or so, and I've pretty much strictly been a SNG player. I started playing for real money on stars when I deposited 25 bucks, and started playing random 1 dollar SNGs. I found that I really really enjoyed the 1 dollar 45 man turbo NLHE SNGs, and so I grinded them (one tabling, of course ;))...

I'm back....

I intended to blog several times a month but had technical difficulties with IE so installed Google Chrome. It's a new year, and very timely to be posting updates. I continue to play 25 Rush 6 max on Full Tilt. This month started very poorly by dropping several hundred. I've found that 4 tabling rush poker results in significantly...

Cardrak is back!

Hi guys,

I really am rubbish at keeping up-to-date with bloging but better late than not at all.

I decided to stop my sponsorship deal with "bankroll supply" I decided it was best to go solo for a number of reasons:
1) working in Business Development in the oil and gas is taking up alot of my time and im not putting in the volume I...

Book Review: Dynamic FR Poker by SplitSuit

Title: Dynamic Full Ring Poker - Beyond the Basics
Author: James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney
Publisher: Daily Variance

First of all I would like to say that the outlook of the book looks good. The book is well edited. DV has made a great evolution in that. The book has 361 pages (there are about 30 blank pages in the book,...

Money Matters

In playing poker, I have developed a feel of the value of money. We can spend our lives spending money on various items like cars, tvs, electronic gadgets, but money it its purest form, takes on new meaning. When we are at the poker tables we play with poker chips, which is supposed to distract us from the fact that these chips have real...

Few hands at 10NL

Played a few hours today, and some hands came up were I doubt if my play was good:


Full Tilt Poker Game #24450339774: Table Loida (6 max) - $0.05/$0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 09:11:46 ET - 2010/10/05
Seat 1: GuyInThong ($17.45)
Seat 2: ravendudu ($6.76)
Seat 3: koleandr ($12.03)
Seat 4: 106s ($10), is sitting...

In the Beginning...

My story begins like many others. Games come naturally to me, growing up my family spent many countless hours playing all manner of games. Cribbage, Hearts, 500, board games... We had a closet that was designated specifically for games and it was full to the brim with new games added every Christmas. I was always very...

Midweek status update

So what can I say, I'm happy with how I'm doing atm, sometimes need to watch more carfully and stop when tired/tilting. Other than that I'm feeling slight improvements every session. I bust myself on leaks while playing and write them down or mark the hand/situation.

Today was pretty swingy again, fortunately for me I got a hang of...

First Post

Im kinda new to blogging so this feels weird. I dont really expect many people to read my blog but it will be a nice reminder for myself to look through.

Iv played poker for a few years now, mostly in the micros, i haven't been a massively successful player. Mainly breaking even and winning with some RB. I recently decided to make the...

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