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Hello. This is SnakeDaRake on PokerStars. Im a small stakes 6-MAX player who basically sucks. I joined this website and bought Tri's books in an effort to get better at poker. Im tired of losing money when I know I can beat this game. I started at NL$200, got crushed and moved down to NL$100, got crushed and moved down to NL$25 and am now break even basically. So, this is my starting point. I havent had any coaching nor joined a video site yet. Just have been reading books. Haven't found the silver bullet yet. Maybe the BluePrint book will be what I have been looking for to turn things around. I guess we will see.

Ironically, I seem to be a winning player live. I play at the Venetian the most at $1/$2 and $2/$5 and turn a decent profit. I have won the Saturday noon time tournament before. This year I won a seat into the WSOP from PokerStars. So, I feel I have what it takes to win, but I cant seem to get it together for online play. Maybe its too easy to push buttons and donk off money compared to live where I feel like I am thinking more about the game when I am there. Maybe too many distractions playing online?

Anyways, looking forward to crushing these games some day. My goal is to beat NL$200 by this time next year. This blog will be a journal of what goals I have set and what I have learned along the way.

Hey Marc!

Welcome to the community! I'm going to put up some articles within the next week that I think will help with your online play.

Also, sign up for a training site! Leggo/DC are pretty good for 6-max and they offer 7 days free trial.
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