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Money Matters

In playing poker, I have developed a feel of the value of money. We can spend our lives spending money on various items like cars, tvs, electronic gadgets, but money it its purest form, takes on new meaning. When we are at the poker tables we play with poker chips, which is supposed to distract us from the fact that these chips have real monetary value. Playing online is a different animal completely in that we never get any chips, all we have is a balance of how much money we have in front of us. Its so easy to click buttons without thought and taking for granted what the value of that money really is.

Along this path of becoming a poker player, I have found that I need to play at a level that the money means something to me. If I had to play 1-cent/2-cent poker, I dont think I could ever become a better poker player. Way to easy to call every bet and move on. As I mentioned in my past blog entries I started playing NL$200 and got my butt kicked. At that level, the money meant something to me, but the skill level of the players exceed my own and I lost money. So, I moved down to NL$25 and round that time I received The Poker Blueprint and I began my study. It was all going well and I was instantly doing better but my attention started to wonder. Half the battle for me is keep attention and caring about what I am doing. Slowly over time, I got impatient and my results were suffering.

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So, I took a break and decided, I was going to finish this book first and then get back on the tables. I also decided I was going to move up one level to NL$50 instead of NL$25. The difference between these level isnt much but I found out the money mattered to me more at NL$50. When I buy in for $50 and had $200 on the line, I was less likely to start thrown money down the drain even when the going on tough. Ironically, over the same sample size, and I am winner at NL$50 but a loser at NL$25. What a strange situation. Maybe its true that you move up to where they respect your raises. LOL. Just kidding. My results at NL$50 seem to be much better but time will tell.

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Now that I finished reading The Poker Blueprint, and I am actually going to read it again. I found the book to be excellent but really dense. Not much fluff. Easy to miss the fine points in an initial reading. Hopefully my results will continue to be positive, I can avoid tilting, and avoid getting bored and loosing the value of money.

hey snakedarake!

i like your red line a lot. :) the graphs are looking pretty standard. just keep improving as a player and the money will follow :)

yeah thought about the money just like you. if u have the roll for nl50, go for it! its better to be aggressive w/ your bankroll in the micros. in the smallstakes i would turn down the gear. wish u all the best and keep posting, dude!

best regards, whoopy
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Luck favors the bold ;)

BTW, I'm not sure if you read The NL Workbook yet but take the a few quiz questions in there and definitely spend some time thinking about the answers. It will iron out some points for you.
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