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Getting Started. One more time.

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Yesterday was a good day. I received my books from Tri. I decided to order three books, The Poker Blue Print, No-Limit Workbook, and the PLO Transition book. I dont play PLO seriously yet, but it is on my radar. Sometimes in my down time I will play $0.01/$0.02 PLO on Poker Stars just for kicks and to learn the game.

As I mentioned in my intro, I have been playing poker for about two years and basically was self taught. I read a few books here and there but nothing really clicked with me. I started at NL$200 cause thats what I play live, and I got crushed. I then moved down to NL$100 and was still getting crushed. All in all, I lost around $7,0000 in two years online. Although, this may not seem like all that much money, it pains me to loose a $1 let alone $7k. I do really well live, and just figured that I would do well online as well. Before I even started playing for real money online, I started with Facebook poker and gave myself a challenge. Turn the $1k into $1M and I would be ready to play online poker for real money. Well, I ended up turning that $1k into $2M. LOL. If only it was real. I thought that was enough to prove to myself that I could beat this game. HAHAHAHAHA. Its almost too funny to type.

Anyways, I want to get serious about this game and I want to start beating it for a generous clip. NL$200 is the goal. I dont want to be a 24-tabling regfish nit, I want to crush 4-6 tables solidly against fish and regs alike. However, right now I am playing down at NL$25, try to establish the fundamentals, learn how to play solid, and develop my skills. I am going to first start with The Poker Blue Print. Going to probably ask lots of questions on this forum on things I am not understanding. I will try to post monthly graphs showing my progress at this level. I will apply what I am learning in the books and on the forums, and see how it goes. I will try to follow Tri's bank roll management recommendations, and move up when appropriate.

Stay tuned for more updates...

That's some good looking books! Hope you like them.

And please write your progress as a player. I'm sure there are a lot of people reading this blog who are in the same situation and will be inspired by your story.
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Haha looks awesome :)
The best of the best books from the best of the best :D

Good luck with your journey
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Hey snake nice blog

You play FR or 6m?
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6-Max. I dont have the patience for FR. Plus, I noticed that the higher level you play, there is no FR. So, I figured I better play 6-MAX, learn the ropes and progress up that ladder since its the path to higher stakes.
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